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About the NCCPT CEU Provider Program

Becoming a CEU Provider for the NCCPT is a great way to promote your activity to NCCPT health and fitness professional actively seeking the education to continue in their field of choice. This program is designed to award CEU approval for eligible health and fitness activities (e.g., workshops, clinics, conferences, home study courses, etc.).

Benefits of being an approved CEU Provider include:

To learn more about the program, you may download the CEU Provider Application.

For further assistance, please contact the NCCPT at

Provider Course Name CEUs Website
Briana Bragg Journey Into Tranquility 0.7
Johann Francis, CSCS Fitness Nutrition Coaching | Habit Change for Active & Athletes 0.7
IHFA Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) 2.0
IHFA Stretching and Flexibility 1.0
Fit Fix Now Maximize Your Profit Starting Now 0.2
Fit Fix Now Ace the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) 0.2
Fit Fix Now Strong Minds Strong Bodies 0.2
Fit Fix Now Teaching Weight Loss Struggles for Personal Trainers 0.3
Fit Fix Now Growth, Discovery & Programming for the 6 to 9 year old 0.2
Fit Fix Now Zen, Science and Better Client Results 0.4
Fit Fix Now Training Injured Clients 0.3
Fit Fix Now Youth Fitness 0.4
Fit Fix Now HIIT For Clients 0.3
Fit Fix Now Nutrition For Fitness Professionals 0.3
Fit Fix Now Training the Aging Heart 0.4
Fit Fix Now Fit Kids for Life – Reverse Childhood Obesity 0.3
Fit Fix Now Making Every Client a Success 0.2
Fit Fix Now Training Towards and Away From Hip and Knee Replacement 0.4
Fit Fix Now Helping Your Clients Become Their Best 0.5
Fit Fix Now Reinventing the Wheel 0.2
Fit Fix Now Increase Your Income with Online Video Group Training 0.2
Fit Fix Now Expand Your Reach with Online Face to Face Training 0.2
Fit Fix Now Technology is Your Friend — Using Heart Rate Training to Get More Out of Your Clients 0.2
Fit Fix Now Boost Your Business With A Better Business Plan 0.2
Fit Fix Now 5 Ways to Know You’re Losing Your Clients 0.2
Fit Fix Now Stop The Fall Before It Happens – Balance and Stretch for Aging Populations 0.2
Fit Fix Now The Midas Touch: Golden Clients in Their Golden Years 0.2
Fit Fix Now Training Aging Bones and Muscles 0.2
NESTA Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach 1.9
NESTA Triathlon Coach Certification 1.9
NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach 1.5
NESTA Heart Rate Performance 1.5
NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist 1.5
NESTA Biomechanics Specialist 1.9
NESTA Speed, Agility & Quickness 1.5
NESTA Impact Group Fitness System 1.5
NESTA Core Conditioning Specialist 1.5

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