New Year, New Look
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New Year, New Look Hot off the press Issue: 4 | February 2016
A message from Karen:

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. So here we are, starting a new year. I often ponder why it is that people have to make New Years resolutions. Why not just “do it” all year long. Why wait for the New Year to start. Exercise for me is a daily habit. It feels so good to get those natural endorphins going on a daily basis.

Please take note of our new “look” upon signing in to Smart Fitness. We have made some changes that will make navigation much easier. When you click on the Training Center, you will see a wealth of education in there.

I will be conducting a webinar that you are welcome to join . I will give a tour inside the Training Center and show all education available. Here is the link to register:

You will also see an invite at the bottom of this newsletter. I hope you will join me. Please also check out the delicious recipe below and other highlights. You are always welcome to contact me direct with any questions or concerns at or call me direct at 310.203.2781.


My best in health and fitness,

Karen Perlmutter

Executive Vice President

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Here is registration link for Wed, Feb 17, 2016 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM PST

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Take the Senior Fitness Specialist course.

As the growth of the aging population continues, so do the issues of longevity and quality of life, which will lead to significant implications for personal trainers. The role of exercise becomes crucial to ensure that these individuals can improve and maintain functional independence, offering many opportunities for personal trainers to help enhance their well being. Earn 0.8 CEUs.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of aging.
  • Age Related Disease
  • Learn how to coach/ train a senior client.
  • Nutrition and dietary supplements health in aging persons.
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Paleo Crock Pot Chili

If you are looking for a delicious and healthy recipe for chili, you must try this one.

With the weather chilling our bodies, this chili will for sure warm you up and make your tummy happy.

I love this recipe.

You'll Love it Too!
Exercise of the month: Bench Press part one
Tom DeLong, Director of Education, will post a new Dartfish video on the basics of the bench press movement. This video covers the basics of performing the bench from the fitness industry’s point of view for this exercise. Included in this video will be: set up (7 points of contact), bar path (descent and ascent), primary plane of motion utilized, internal versus external lines of force as well as which section of the pectoralis major is primarily targeted depending of the position of the bar when it reaches the sternum. This is part one of a series of bench press videos to compare and contrast fitness versus competition bench press movement patterns.
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It is easier to resist at the begining than at the end.
- Leonardo da Vinci