NCCPT Lift Newsletter.
NCCPT NCCPT Lift Newsletter. | April, 2017
Increase your clientele!

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Spring is Here! Attract new clientele with these CEU courses that feature marketing materials.

Marketing Materials: Free Downloadable flyers and posters to advertise trainers skills, and increase PT Sales.

Get 50% off the following courses:

  • Interval Training
  • HIIT Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Make Your Waist Look Smaller
  • 30 Day Weight Loss Solutions
  • Functional Training
  • Group Treadmill Training
  • Battle Ropes
  • Medicine Ball Training
  • Unilateral Training

New Study Guides and Sample Tests Available!

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Want to test your knowledge?

We are introducing new Study Guides and Sample Test for the following courses:

  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor (Study Guide and Sample Test)
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor (Study Guide and Sample Test)
  • Certified Weight Management Specialist (Study Guide Only)

Get 50% off Speed, Agility and Strength Training .6 CEU's

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Athletes will encounter many unexpected obstacles during a performance, and in their preparation they can create movement patterns or strength which can be the difference between a win or loss. While not incorporated in the title of the course, quickness is a component of many sports. This course does not discount the importance of quickness and does incorporate components, but rather places a larger focus on strength training which science is showing helps athletes just as much.

Get your athlete to perform more efficiently and effectively. In this course you will learn different theories on speed, agility, and strength training that help improve performance and decrease the chance of injury. You will learn the fundamental drills to improve running technique, different theories on acceleration, how reaction time can improve agility, different ways to alter you current drills, and different modalities to strength train your athlete with.

Topics Covered in The Course:

  • The Specificity of Training
  • VRT Training
  • Stride Length & Stride Frequency Drills
  • Single Limb Training
  • Acceleration vs Maximum Velocity
  • Olympic Lifting Exercises
  • The Biomechanics of Running
  • and so much more!

President’s Message

Spring is here. This means people will become more active and often start thinking about getting in shape for summer. Take advantage of the marketing materials we have in the special we’re running. You’ll need CEU’s, but more importantly you need clients! Use the 5 x 7’s and 8 ½ x 11’s to hand out to prospects and use the large poster to display wherever you can.

We’re creating study guides and sample tests for all of our certifications. Students tell us they really help them prepare for their exams.

We’re very proud of our featured trainer Allison Breunig. She’s been working at the Gainesville Athletic Club for nine years! She must be doing something right!

Learn “3 Effective Ways to Pick Up New Clients” and notice the specials we have at the bottom of the newsletter.

The weather is too nice outside---I’m going to ride my bike!

Stay Fit,

John Platero

NCCPT is Proud to Present MFN Network to our Trainers!
NCCPT is Proud to Present MFN Network to our Trainers!

Become an MFN Professional

INCREASE YOUR CREDIBILITY AND ONLINE EXPOSURE Create a full page profile listing on our site.

The Medical Fitness Network(MFN) is an online resource locator for consumers to find a fitness or allied healthcare professional.

MFN welcomes the following professionals to join our network: acupuncturists, chiropractors, dietitians, fitness/yoga/pilates, health & wellness coaches, massage therapists, mental health professionals and physical therapists.

Get a discount on listing with Zip Recruiter
Get a discount on listing with Zip Recruiter
Find the right employees (PDF)
Learn More
3 Effective Ways to Pick Up More Clients
3 Effective Ways to Pick Up More Clients  

Building up your clientele is a goal that you’re probably constantly working on. Sometimes it may seem like the clients are flocking to you, but other times it may seem that you’re barely training at all. Here are 3 effective strategies that you can use to pick up more clients starting today...

Treat Yo' Self
Treat Yo' Self  

Even when you’re not training, you’re thinking about what you can do to better help your clients and what kind of tips you can give them the next time you see them. It can be exhausting to spend your entire day training and then struggle to separate yourself from work.Not only do you deserve a break every evening, but it’s better for your overall health. So, what can you do to separate yourself from work and wind down at the end of each day?

9 of the Most Interesting “Get Fit Quick” Schemes
9 of the Most Interesting “Get Fit Quick” Schemes  

As an NCCPT trainer, you know there’s no “quick fix” when it comes to getting fit, but that doesn’t stop companies from marketing products “designed to help you lose weight and tone up in just 10 days!”. Unsuspecting clients get excited at the idea of being able to see progress with little to no effort. Unfortunately, these weight loss fads typically fail but continue to show up, past and present and will surely pop up in the future.

Featured Products!
Moment Arm Exercise Course (0.6 CEUs)
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Speed, Agility and Strength Training (0.6 CEUs)
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Weight Management Specialist Study Guide
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Learn hands-on how to become a personal trainer with our workshops!
Learn hands-on how to become a personal trainer with our workshops!

This workshop is designed to help you prepare for your certification exam as well as gain valuable hands on experience working elite level personal trainers guiding you every step of the way. In addition to sixteen hours of hands-on experience with industry veterans, you'll receive:

  • NCCPT textbook and *one time exam attempt
  • Access to all personal training course videos online.
  • Chance to purchase additional products on site (body fat calipers, measuring tape and metronome).
  • 1.6 CEUs for 2 Day Workshop, .8 CEUs for 1 Day Workshop if you are currently a personal trainer looking for more experience.

(*proctoring fee is not included)

Find a Workshop near you.
Date Location
Apr 23, 2017 Aliso Viejo, CA - Renaissance ClubSport
May 21, 2017 Aliso Viejo, CA - Renaissance ClubSport
June 24, 2017 Reading, PA - Valhalla Health & Fitness Club