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Although the NCCPT doesn't normally endorse products outside of the NCCPT, we like to inform you of new fitness trends or business opportunities that we notice are becoming prevalent or popular.

SomaDerm Gel is a product from NewuLife which is a multilevel marketing business model. It's up to you to decide on the efficacy of the product and if the business opportunity is right for you.

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Tina Belazeros
Born and raised in Kansas, Tina Belazeros was surrounded by love and discipline as an only child. Tina says growing up in the Midwest during the 70’s, meant lots of family time and “down home cooking at grandma’s house.” Fried foods, pop, desserts, meat, potatoes and just plain old comfort food was the norm. However, comfortable eating habits did not stop Tina’s love or influence for physical activity.

I’d like to invite you to take a different look at your body, through a different lens… 

Humans are creatures of habit, and most of what we think and feel, in fact 90% of our thoughts pr. day, are the same as the ones we had yesterday. We gravitate to what is familiar, and we very often confuse the familiar with what we think is good for us. We often, without even really thinking about it, do what’s “familiar” because we then can predict the outcome, even if the outcome really sucks and doesn’t even serve our desired future.

How do we break this habit? By opening ourselves up to a new perception of ourselves, some new ways of looking at our bodies, and our being.

When it comes to recruiting personal trainers for the health and fitness industry, employers and hiring managers need to rethink their message. Top talent isn’t going to respond to job postings with a two-line job ad, or a mercenary ad that screams “We just care if you reach your quota”. Job seekers are interested in “What’s in it for me”?

NCCPT Trainer Employment Program

Looking for a new opportunity in 2018? Every month well known chains ask us for lists of trainers looking for employment! If you want prospective employers to start contacting YOU vs browsing the job ads log in to (or create!) a NCCPT Account. From your Dashboard go to My Profile. Complete the Trainer Profile section then scroll down and opt in to the NCCPT Trainer Employment Program simply by clicking the box! Click today and start receiving interview requests until you opt out. Employment has never been easier!

Working as a General Manager

Are you up for a challenge? As a General Manager, you'll be responsible for the successful operation of a full-service Life Time Healthy Way of Life destination. You'll lead and support multiple revenue and non-revenue business units. You'll foster, motivate and support mission-minded team in a dynamic club environment, while developing lasting relationships with Life Time members. If you've got what it takes to succeed in this key leadership role, let's talk.

Locations: Chappaqua-NY, Tempe-AZ, Mansfield-TX, Bloomingdale-IL, Vestavia Hills-AL, Gainesville-VA, Baybrook-TX

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Join our dynamic team today and turn your passion for health, fitness and motivation into a career! Take the next step in your fitness career and grow along with us at Dynamic Fitness. Anticipate a successful career and a bright future at a dynamic and thriving company! We have clubs in Sugarland, Pearland, Post Oaks and Barker Cypress (Texas) and are looking for candidates for the following positions:
  • Personal Trainer 
  • Fitness Manager
  • General Manager

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