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Here’s What You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Business
I have worked with many gym owners that have had success with this simple formula I’m about to give you. Now, this formula will work no matter what stage of your business you’re in;1) if you’re barely keeping your head above water; 2) if you’re stuck in the middle and have become stagnant: 3) or if you’re rolling right along and want to capture more market share.

The first thing you need to do is set goals. Yes, I know, many of you already have goals, but many don’t. I talk to many gym owners that just know they need more sales, but no real goals. So, set very specific goals. So, no matter what goals you have set for yourself; bump them up….you decide how much bigger you’ll choose to make them. Double them if you like, but you decide. Here’s why I suggest you do this, way too many gym owners will sell themselves short and the goals become too small…it cost absolutely nothing to think bigger.
Featured Trainer: Mary Donahue
Many times, life without challenges is a life without change.  

Growing up in a military family, Mary Donahue lived in many places until the family settled in San Bernardino, California. Mary recalls her adolescence as “typical teenage years” indulging in junk food and poor health choices. Years of bad eating habits as an adolescent, led to yo-yo diets as an adult. This, coupled with the stress of the corporate world, caused Mary to become obese and diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2010.....
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