Healthy Mind ~ Healthy Weight (1.0 CEUs)


CEUs Valid for:
  • CGxI
  • CICI
  • CPT
  • CSTS
  • CYI
  • KI
  • SFS
  • SFPT
  • WMS
  • YFS
Healthy Mind ~ Healthy Weight: This program will train you step by step in how to teach your clients to master their mind and ultimately master their weight.


Are you dealing with clients that desperately want to lose weight but find it impossible to stick with healthy eating habits?  Have you lost clients because they haven’t seen fast enough success in their weight loss?  Are you frustrated, feeling like you don’t know how to help your clients to get over overeating?  Would you like your clients to be so inspired by your ability to get them into shape mentally and physically that they stay training with you for decades?

You already know a great deal about physical side of losing weight … through exercise and proper nutrition.  But the missing link in almost every fitness curriculum and is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART…getting your mind on your team!  As a weight loss personal trainer, your mastery in guiding your clients through mindful weight loss makes all the difference in their success.

This 11 course online audio program will teach you:

-Exactly why diets do not work and how they actually lower your metabolism, create weight gain and trigger an unnatural obsession with food

-The 10 keys to Eating in Alliance with your body for pleasurable and permanent weight loss

-How to eat your favorite foods in moderation and still lose weight (even during menopause)

-Proven and immediate techniques for transcending the urge to eat when you are not hungry 

-How to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and worry so you can live free of the stresses that make you reach for food you are not hungry for

-Why disliking your body and judging yourself makes you more likely to gain weight.

-What is at the root of your emotional appetites so you can dig it up and be free of them FOREVER

-A morning program SPECIFICIALLY DESIGNED to set you up for success in moderate eating for the rest of the day

-How to use your body to help you change your mind and moods -the ones that make you stress eat

-Powerful binge transcending audio coaching that helps you stop eating before it gets out of control

Bottom line: This program will change your life for the better, and then you can help your clients to do the same!

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