Importance of Strength Training for Senior Clients (0.05 CEUs)


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Importance of Strength Training for Senior Clients by Jen Weir

0.05 CEUs

This course will give you access to the "Importance of Strength Training for Senior Clients" article as well as the quiz.

Strength training is an important component to any well-rounded fitness program, but for our senior clients it is especially critical. Aside from the obvious benefits of battling the age related decline in muscle, or sarcopenia, strength training offers many more benefits particularly important to the senior population.

About the Author

Jen Weir is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Functional Training Specialist. She uses resistance and metabolic training to help her clients consistently improve their health and fitness. Jen hopes to help as many people as possible live an active, bold and adventurous life.

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