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The NCCPT CB develops and administers certification programs. Applicants who achieve a passing score from a Prometric Testing Center on the final exam are awarded a certification. The NCCPT CB only awards the designated title of Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Group Exercise Instructor (CGxI), Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor (CICI), Certified Yoga Instructor (CYI) and/or Certified Strength Training Specialist (CSTS) to those individuals who meet the ethical conduct, professional behavior and examination requirements set forth by the NCCPT CB. Only individuals who take and pass the final exam(s) at a Prometric testing center or a qualified library are permitted to use the perspective designation they passed.

The following Policies and Procedures pertain to the certification(s).

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Mission Statement

The mission of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers Certification Board (“NCCPT CB”) is to determine entry-level competence of the fitness professional who will provide safe and effective fitness programs to the public.

Objective Statement

The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers Certification Board (NCCPT CB) oversees and establishes entry level performance measures and standards of continuing educational development for professional health and fitness professionals. The NCCPT CB only awards the designated title to only those individuals who meet the, ethical conduct, professional behavior, and examination requirements set forth by the NCCPT CB. The NCCPT CB only awards the designated title of CPT, CGxI, CICI, CYI and/or CSTS to those individuals who meet the ethical conduct, professional behavior and examination requirements set forth by the NCCPT CB. Only individuals who meet the ethical conduct, professional behavior, examination and recertification requirements are permitted to use the designated certification marks of CPT, CGxI, CICI, CYI and/or CSTS.


Maintaining your certification is not only a part of being a fitness professional, but ensures that your clients/students are constantly receiving the most up to date science. Continuing education programs are intended to develop the knowledge and skills associated to health and fitness, encourage continued competence and enrichment of professional skills beyond the levels required for entry-level practice. Continuing education activities must focus on increasing knowledge, skills and abilities as defined in the Job Task Analysis Studies.

How often do I need to recertify?

NCCPT Certified Fitenss Professionals must recertify every two (2) years. This ensures that NCCPT credential holders are current with the best-practice guidelines and the specific knowledge, skills and abilities described in the most recent Job Task Analysis Studies.

How to recertify?

Pay your renewal fee on or before your expiration date. Our current renewal fee is $75 if paid on time, $100 if paid after your expiration date.

Verify a Certification

If you would like to verify the current validity of a credential, please contact the NCCPT at with the following items:

The NCCPT will not be able to verify a credential without all the items listed above. Please call 800-778-6060 during normal business hours or email your request to

Certification Exam(s)

  1. Please print and review the NCCPT Candidate Handbook for information regarding testing procedures. For information on the exam(s) please review the Policies & Procedures Handbook.

  2. For Prometric testing center instructions click here.

  3. Bring to testing center

    • Valid, current Photo ID
    • Current, valid Emergency Cardiac Care(CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification from:

      • American Heart Association
      • American Red Cross
      • American Safety and Health Institue
      • St. John Ambulance
      • Emergency Care & Safety Institue
      • Emergency Medical Technican

If you do not pass the exam(s), the exam(s) can be taken up to three times in a 12-month period. This 12-month period begins on the first exam date. There is a fee for each re-take of the examination. Payment of this fee is required prior to authorization to scheduling a new test time. Information on the establishment of passing & aggregate scoring information can be found inside the NCCPT Exam Candidate Handbook.

Need Special Accommodations?

Requests may be sent to All submissions must be received by the NCCPT CB five business days prior to the exam date. Click Here for the Request for Special Accommodations Form.

NCCPT CB - Provider Program

Become an approved Continuing Education provider. The NCCPT CB Provider Program is designed to provide reputable continuing education opportunities to NCCPT certified professionals, through a variety of sources that support and uphold the NCCPT CB’s high standards.

Continuing Education Provider Benefits:

To become an Approved Continuing Education Provider, Click Here

For additional information about becoming a NCCPT CB approved provider, please contact the NCCPT Certification Board at


Please note that eligible NCPPT CPT certification examination candidates are not required to purchase, enroll or participate in any NCCPT educational offering.

NCCPT-CB Board of Directors

Name Position Term
Geno Carignan (NCCPT CPT and CSTS) Chair 2017-2020
Mike Barton Vice Chair 2020-2023
John Iriye Public Member 2019-2022
David Hoptar, CPT (NCCPT CPT and CSTS) Secretary/Treasurer 2019-2022
Khalid McLeod (NCCPT CPT and CSTS) Director 2018-2021
Mike Hibner (NCCPT CPT, CSTS and CICI) Director 2017-2020
Victor Verhage (NCCPT CPT, CGxI and CSTS) Director 2017-2020
Pamela Lyttle (NCCPT CGxI and CICI) Director 2018-2021
Janine Mitchell (NCCPT CYI) Director 2018-2021
Solvei McKenna (NCCPT CYI) Director 2019-2022
Debra Weldon (NCCPT CGxI and CICI) Director 2019-2022

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