NCCPT Certification Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my certification?

To renew your NCCA Accredited Certification, the following requirements must be met within your certification active dates. Please see the Recertification Manual here.

Programs Renewal CEU Requirements
NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer 2.0
Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor 2.0
Certified Strength Training Specialist 2.0
Certified Group Exercise Instructor 2.0
Certified Yoga Instructor 2.0

What is happening to my current certification now that NCCPT has been acquired by ISSA?

Your Certification will stay available to you in your NCCPT account. You can still pay your renewal fee on the NCCPT website however all CEUs as well as Specialty Programs will be taken directly through ISSA.

I am a new candidate, how do I get enrolled?

Please choose which NCCPT accredited certification program you would like. We offer Personal Trainer (CPT), Group Exercise Instructor (CGxI), Indoor Cycling Instructor (CICI), Strength Training Specialist (CSTS) and Yoga Instructor (CYI). Click here to view options under NCCA Accredited Certifications.

If you do not wish to obtain any study materials, you may purchase just the Exam Only through the NCCPT site.

Purchase of any study materials is not required to sit for the NCCA accredited NCCPT certifications, nor does it guarantee a passing result on the exam. If you would like to study materials, they can be purchased through ISSA or other media available through the market. You may also call (800) 892-4772 and select 1 on the call menu to speak to an ISSA representative.

What happened to all the programs?

We were acquired by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). All of our specialty programs, continuing education courses (CEUs) and study materials for the accredited certifications are now available through ISSA's website.

Why do you only sell NCCA Exams?

NCCPT offers 5 NCCA accredited exams for purchase. However, the purchase of study materials is not a requirement to sit for any of the NCCA accredited exams and does not guarantee a successful passing of the exam. Specific study materials are no longer developed by NCCPT, but are readily available through ISSA and other media on the market.

I want to buy an educational course that is no longer listed on the NCCPT website, what do I do?

Please check to see if the course you are looking for is located on the ISSA website here. You may also call (800) 892-4772, select 1 on the call menu and speak to a representative.

I recently purchased an educational course through NCCPT, is the course still valid?

Yes! If you recently purchased a course through the NCCPT website, prior to the courses being removed, your study materials will be located in your NCCPT account.

I need to renew my CEUs, but I cannot find any courses to purchase, what do I do?

CEUs are available for purchase through ISSA or through other media available on the market. You may also call (800) 892-4772 and select 1 on the call menu to speak to an ISSA representative.

I see you can buy programs though ISSA, are these the same courses you once had on your site?

Some of the courses are exactly the same and some of the courses have had additional educational material added to them. Please contact ISSA at (800) 892-4772 and speak to a representative to find out what particular course might include. Select 1 when prompted by the call menu.

Do you still offer study materials for the NCCPT NCCA-accredited exams?

Although not required in order to sit for the NCCPT exams, study material for the NCCA exams is available through ISSA and through other media available on the market.

I have questions about how to take my NCCPT certification exam, who do I speak with?

Please call (800) 892-4772, follow the prompts on the call menu and press 4.

Why do you have a renewal section on your website if you do not offer any continuing education programs?

Accredited certifications will be generated in your NCCPT account upon successful completion of the exams so we feel it is necessary to list the renewal requirements to maintain any of the certifications you may have acquired. Certificants may obtain their CEUs through ISSA or another agency of their choice and petition those CEUs for approval towards their recertification.

Will I have to make a separate account on ISSA's website to complete my CEUs.

Yes. Courses purchased through ISSA will be completed through your ISSA account. You will be prompted to create an ISSA account after you select your courses and proceed to the checkout process.

If I purchase all of my continuing education (CEUs) through ISSA, will my NCCPT renewal fee be waived?


What is the difference between the certifications offered through ISSA and the certifications offered through the NCCPT?

All NCCPT certifications are NCCA nationally accredited. The NCCA stands for the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Certification programs accredited by the NCCA have met certain national standards in terms of exam development, scoring and test administration. Please click here to learn more about the NCCA.

Certifications through ISSA are nationally recognized but not nationally accredited. We recommend you ask your employer or potential employer what is required by their facility so that you may make the right choice for you.

Do I need to be over the age of 18 prior to applying to take the certification exam?

Yes, you must be 18 or older prior to applying to take the certification exam.

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