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When you order any NCCPT (or NCCPT affiliate) educational or business program, you accept and agree to adhere to the NCCPT Code of Ethics. You hereby certify that the information given to NCCPT is true, complete and correct. You acknowledge if any of this information is later determined to be false, NCCPT reserves the right to revoke any certification or certificate that has been granted by the NCCPT or any of its affiliates. You further acknowledge that NCCPT certification or certificate does not certify or in any way guarantee the quality of your work as an NCCPT-certified professional. You therefore agree to indemnify and hold harmless NCCPT, its officers, directors and staff from any claims due to negligent acts, omissions, or faulty advice that you may give to clients as a NCCPT certified professional. You further recognize that NCCPT is not responsible for any actions or damages incurred or taken by any person arising out of your work, intentions or actions as a NCCPT certified professional.

As an NCCPT Certified Fitness Professional you must recognize the importance of a set standard and scope professional and ethical conduct in providing training services to clientele and the general public. Professional and ethical concerns or issues arise when professionalism and ethics are either not known or not fully understood. The NCCPT Code of Ethics represents a professional standard that must be upheld at all times when performing the duties of a fitness professional.

Certified Fitness Professionals:

To report a violation of the code of conduct please fill out and mail this form: Report of Conduct Violation Form

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