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The NCCPT has been certifying health and fitness professionals for 20 years. Our CPT credential is nationally accredited by the NCCA, whereby we provide students the best value for the best price.

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Is your certification about to expire? Do you need Continuing Education Units? Choose from a variety of inspiring programs to enhance your knowledge and motivate your clients!

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3 Effective Ways to Pick Up More Clients

As an NCCPT trainer, building up your clientele is a goal that you’re probably constantly working on. Sometimes it may seem like the clients are flocking to you, but other times it may seem that you’re barely training at all. Here are 3 effective strategies that you can use to pick up more cli[...]

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Allison Breunig

By Hamed Hamad Although it is common for people to find their passions later in life, others get shaped according to the way they were brought up.  For Allison Breunig, soccer, karate and dance were seeped into her lifestyle like blood in vein.  Whatever her brother did for sports, she did as wel[...]

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