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Can a Plant-Based Diet Cure Common Ailments? (0.1 CEU)

By Solvei McKenna

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Master Trainer
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Jeffrey Whittle
During his personal training and radio career, Jeffrey manages to find time to train himself in between client sessions. He also takes part in charity fitness events such as PossAbilities Sprint Triathlon, which he plans to continue competing in in the future. Jeffrey is proud to be a part of the NCCPT family and enjoyed working with career counselor Lyndsey Preston. NCCPT not only offered suggestions on CEUs, but also helped arrange job interviews which landed him his first corporate gym position as a trainer.
As people are sitting for long periods of time, back pain is on the rise. The human body was designed to move, not sit. We are not meant to work out for an hour after work each day. Our bodies are designed to move all day. With the amount of sedentary time that humans have each day, it is no surprise that back pain is a problem. 
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