NCCPT Womens Stars and Stripes True Sport Short Sleeve Pro Shirt


Highly breathable 100% wicking polyester will help keep you cool and dry and protected from the sun with a UPF rating of 30. Pro-Fit fabrics are specially designed to provide not only superior moisture management, but also to enhance the wearer's comfort through a remarkably soft hand. The technically advanced nano-engineered fibers in Pro-Fit fabrics provide enhanced breathability (called "air permeability" by the tech crowd) that differentiate Pro-Fit from generic fabrics, which use standard round fibers.Air permeability is one of our key performance tests that fabrics must pass before they can be sold as "Pro-Fit". All of the benefits of Pro-Fit  fabrics are built right into the fiber, requiring no additional chemical treatments like many other wicking fabrics.

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