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FHMatch is the best all-in-one platform to grow and manage your business – get discovered by new clients, chat with and book clients and manage your schedule. We give you and your prospective clients a central place to search, select and connect at NO COST.
It’s the perfect marketing platform to tell your story – build your brand, showcase your expertise and increase brand awareness.

Fitness Health Match

gymGo is a personal trainer marketplace that, more conveniently and affordably, connects personal trainers and clients via our 2-way streaming video platform that integrates wearable device technology. Trainers can train up to six clients at once anytime, anywhere, allowing trainers to earn 2x-3x more. Start earning income right away.

Association of Fitness Studios

Association of Fitness Studios
Off Day Trainer

Off Day Trainer
Achieve Systems

Achieve Systems provides fitness professionals the resources necessary to grow your business to the level you wish including client development, business planning, mastermind groups, national conferences, million of dollars of revenue streams and one of the best networks in our industry.

Achieve Systems
Gain Fitness

GAIN Fitness' best-in-class mobile training platform, "GAIN for Trainers," allows trainers to send custom workouts and hold clients accountable outside of in-person sessions. Their apps, which boost client retention and enable add-on revenue, were developed by personal trainers and former Google employees.

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Proathlos Proathlos | Personal Trainers On Demand
MFN Medical Fitness Network
IHFA International Health and Fitness Association
Body Fat Test - SoCal

The only Hi-Tech Mobile Body-Fat Testing clinic anywhere! Body Fat Test conducts mobile body fat testing at health clubs, corporations, hospitals, military, government agencies, wellness centers, and even TV series. The only Hi-Tech Mobile Body-Fat Testing clinic.
Power System
Desi Bartlett

Desi Bartlett MS CPT YT, has been a health & fitness professional for almost 20 years. Learn more about her fitness and Yoga DVD's, as well as her 'Yoga for Personal Trainers' continuing education course with NCCPT.
ASPC Sports
Body Builder Gym

Body Builders Gym is an authentic, classic, old-style, two-story neighborhood gym that merges new exercise concepts with basic and modern equipment. You'll find everything you need to transform and maintain your body.

CNY Speed Training
Hydration Fitness

Pittsburgh Fitness Trainer
American Academy of Health and Fitness

The Leader in Education and Training for Successful Aging Across the Gamut.

LA Fitness

At LA Fitness we want you to exercise your options. From basketball to racquetball, swimming to indoor cycling, free weights to cardio equipment, personal training to group fitness and much more. We offer options in an environment that makes you feel at home, no matter what your current fitness level may be.
Kool N' Fit

KOOL 'N FIT® SPORT CONDITIONING SPRAY is a proven, powerful, and all-natural external muscle spray used by professional and amateur athletes alike to get an edge over their competition.
Newbury Park Bike Shop

Newbury Park Bike Shop
Varsity Trainers

Varsity Trainers is a website built from the ground up for the professional personal trainer. The site offers online listings for Certified Personal Trainers, in addition to job posts, and certification information. Personal Trainers can also find great offers on fitness equipment and supplements through the website as well as recipes and informative articles.

Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, MPT, CSCS founded PTCS in 2003 with a passionate vision. His vision was to create and provide evidenced based educational material in the form of home study courses, dynamic live seminars, webinars and electronic media that educates personal trainers on key areas that other courses are missing. Those being, understanding the functional anatomy & biomechanics behind daily and sport movements, how the body works from the inside out syngerstically, how common movement dysfunctions(orthopedic/neurouscular/CP-CV/special populations) develop, periodization training and much more! In essence, teaching the science behind the movement.


The WongMania system provides a superior exercise and nutrition structure that truly benefits quality of life. Lifestyle plans are customized for each client’s individual goals; whether it’s performance gains for a pro athlete, weight loss or a person looking to change a sedentary lifestyle – this revolutionary system will change your life!

The exercise movements, protocols and principles of this system have been tested and proven with elite and pro level athletes in clinical laboratory settings with the most technologically advanced equipment by the leading biomechanics professionals and healthcare practitioners in the world.

WongMania is designed with the safest exercise protocols, based upon graduating levels of progression, that can be applied to a novice all the way to the professional athlete. The specificity of this system can be tailored towards weight loss, performance and VO2 max, and always resulting in an improved quality of life.

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